Friday, May 8, 2009

Pie of the Every-Other-Week or So, Part I

Last week it was brought to my attention that the Sugaree Baking Company of Dogtown had recently opened its doors to the casual sweet tooth, like myself. From 11-6 on Fridays and Saturdays, Sugaree serves some of the freshest, most delectable pies in St. Louis.

Pictured above, and the first "Pie of the Every-Other-Week or So", is the personal sized (6" in diameter) blackberry pie. A tender, yet flaky, all butter crust encapsulates a perfectly sweetened filling, keeping the tartness of the blackberry healthily intact.

In a time where bakeries in the U.S. are few and often faulter on quality, Sugaree is a true neighborhood gem that would normally be reserved for fairy tales and Hollywood. A friendly staff , and welcoming decor make for an excellent destination to pick up an amazing pie for the weekend.

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