Sunday, May 10, 2009

How To Eat a Doughnut

Although it might seem like an ordinary, not even particularly attractive doughnut, what you are actually observing is a ~3 inch round piece of baker's heaven. Luckily for you, they're are pretty easy to come by if you live in the St. Louis area. Sold exclusively at World's Fair Doughnuts, simply ask for the buttermilk variety and you're all set. For those of you not quite as proficient at thoroughly exploring the depths the doughnut, I have provided a short, step-by-step procedure to aid in your tasteful endeavors.

Step 1: Observe the doughnut, preferably in natural light, paying close attention to the luster of the glaze. View it from many angles as you try to assess where the perfect first bite should occur. I recommend a narrow area of the doughnut to ensure a clean chomp to the center.

Step 2: Once you've discovered the prime location to begin your journey, proceed headlong into your first tasting. While chewing, first note the impeccable texture of the buttermilk cake, so elegant, yet so mysteriously spiced.

Step 3: Continuing around the doughnut (I recommend a clockwise direction), the next bite should have you focusing on the glaze. For the true novice, it is advised that you break off a small piece of the glaze and eat it on its own as the full experience of the doughnut may cause difficulty in distinguishing the individual elements. Notice how the hardened glaze provides a mild crunch to contrast the cake within, while still fulfilling its more formal role adding a sublime sweetness to the overall picture.

Step 4: Now that you have fully appreciated all aspects of this "diamond in the rough", feel free to finish your doughnut at whatever pace feels comfortable for you. However, please ensure that you savor every moment of the doughnut with the utmost of care; you never know what sort of enlightenment may be waiting in the perfect bite.

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